Moscow Art Magazine is an integral part of the cultural history of contemporary Russia. Created in 1993, it became the first publication of the post-soviet period to tackle the problems of contemporary art.

Moscow Art Magazine has a thematic nature. All of the articles in a given issue are connected by a common theme discussed and elaborated upon by a diverse team of artists, critics, art historians, philosophers and sociologists. Among the topics raised over the years were “violence”, “everyday life”, “fashion”, “art institutions”, “city”, “regions”, “humanity”, “lifeforms”, “faithfulness to a place”, “the natural and the digital”, etc. Choosing a theme, editorial team tries to give a diagnosis to the current moment and react to its pressing problems. Along with theoretical and research texts, the magazine publishes reviews of the relevant exhibitions and publications. Three times now the magazine summarized the fruits of its labor in the form of English-language digests.

Nearly a decade after its inception, Moscow Art Magazine ceased to be the only periodical publication on contemporary art. It doesn’t mean, however, that its mission is complete as its function is still very much relevant to the contemporary Russian culture. Moscow Art Magazine is an analytical publication conceptualizing the relevant art processes and problems.

Moscow Art Magazine has a print run of 1,000 copies released quarterly. It is available in retail at specialty stores for intellectual literature in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kiev and Minsk, as well as a subscription in Russia, CIS and abroad.


ART MAGAZINE OFFICE 9/1, Bolshoy Palashevsky per., Moscow, Russia, 125104

telephone number (495) 626 45 38